Sunday, August 2, 2009

big steps baby

don't forget to pause/mute music on left corner of blog before playing movie clip! thanks! i must apologize, the camera was turned sideways, i was not even thinking while could just turn your monitor/laptop sideways :)
i must say you will not believe what you are going to see. libby claire is taking huge steps in her recovery. only the hands of the Lord will explain how fast her recovery is going. matt has been working with her leg strength & he has her almost walking, with support. awesome...atta girl pips! mac got home from his disney cruise & was crazy about seeing his baby sister. we tip-toed into her room & stood & stared for a good 5 minutes. then i showed him the videos we had taken & pics, he began to cry. a cry of relief, pride & love. it was one of those mommy moments where if i could freeze what i was seeing i would. it was beautiful!
each day has trials & triumps. but we are all overcoming them, growing each step of the way. so much closer, so much deeper, so much more in love. mac, beau & maggie have been so supportive. i can only imagine their fear, saddness, confusion during this process. but now, to be home, together again...i can see hope, happiness, pride. i am so proud of the way they have handled it all. they are libs heros...always have been, always will be!
side note, did have an ultra-sound last thursday & baby cinco is doing very well. happy sucking on fingers, kicking away & perfectly healthy. praise God! thank you all for your concentrated prayers for this new little life growing inside me. prayers answered again!

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