Friday, June 5, 2009

my maggie!

happy 6th birthday to maggie!
maggie, a few of her friends & family went to strickland's to celebrate her birthday. it was a dress up party. she got all "dolled" up for the event.

all tatted up & ready to turn 6!

the libby lu do that mama did b/c libby lu is out of bizzy

the place...yummy!

the kids

beau even dressed up in his suit.

some great gifts!


cousin laney

mr. bob all dressed up

ice cream, cake, presents & bubbles






maggie making a grand entry

checking out the loot

maggie & meme

pops has his hands full

some of the cousins

i love this one :)

maggie & memama

proud new bike owner, mima & papa gave mags a new bike to replace her old one. she rides all day, every day.

it rides great!

smiles like a 6 year old!

daddy, papa, maggie & libby claire doing a last minute pre-ride adjustment

She had ridden the wheels off of her old bike, literally!
the old princess bike, ready for retirement!
or not...a hand me down for little sister
might need new wheels.

riding off into the sunset.

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