Sunday, May 31, 2009

double elimination playoffs

double elimination was the tigers fate saturday. mac played really hard & enjoyed cheering on his team. we have loved all of the coaches. they were, supportive, encouraging, caring, fun & taught the boys a lot about baseball.

beau plays on the sidelines with his buddies.

do you have your speed"ing" ticket?

we do!
matt is the team chaplain for the carolina speed. just so happens...ben (matt's big brother) is the head coach. we had a date night & got to go & enjoy an indoor arena football game. i never knew i was a people watcher until this game. it was pure fun!
thanks ben for the tickets.
c town

the speed vs. the force

matt & ben pre-game

player...umm...this guy???

the best & most handsome water boy in town, grant.

matt doing the invocation.

bill & 2 of the velocity girls

post game pictures

i like to call this one "where's benjo?" (not where's waldo?)
touchdown man
coach ben
boy with ball
the golfer
indiana jones????
i could go on & on.

Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day

happy memorial day 2009
it was a rainy day but the sun came out long enough to go to the lake house for a bit. we got to see the family & play with cousins.

the fisher boy

pops & the boys

libby claire never likes the lifejacket
can you tell?

mac & grant

meredith & maggie

jump beau!

grant in full flip!

all the crew!

nicole & ben

Friday, May 22, 2009

take me out to the ballgame...

another season comes to a close. beau had his last game tuesday night. beau loved playing center field but was a little hard to get motivated this year. he never wanted to put his uniform on, leave the sofa & snacks, or stop riding his bike to head to a game or practice. but once he got a few pieces of bubble gum & he was good to go. he played because he knew at the end of the game there would be a good round of gatorade & some chips thrown in. worth playing for snacks! he even loved playing in the outfield because he got to watch the girls play on the playground. whew...we will be in trouble when he is a teenager!
great season beau!
we are so proud of you!

mac & his team are in the playoffs. if they win we move on!
go tigers!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"i will rise"

i am a devotional freak. i have 2 going online, have done "bible in a year" each year, our daily bread tucked in my bible...on and on...
but one has never been this perfect, so fitting. a friend lost her husband and this was emailed to me that day. it is from my utmost for his highest. god speaks loud & clear, just be quiet & listen.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? —Romans 8:35

God does not keep His child immune from trouble; He promises, "I will be with him in trouble . ."( Psalm 91:15 ). It doesn’t matter how real or intense the adversities may be; nothing can ever separate him from his relationship to God. "In all these things we are more than conquerors . . ." ( Romans 8:37 ). Paul was not referring here to imaginary things, but to things that are dangerously real. And he said we are "super-victors" in the midst of them, not because of our own ingenuity, nor because of our courage, but because none of them affects our essential relationship with God in Jesus Christ. I feel sorry for the Christian who doesn’t have something in the circumstances of his life that he wishes were not there.
"Shall tribulation . . . ?" Tribulation is never a grand, highly welcomed event; but whatever it may be— whether exhausting, irritating, or simply causing some weakness— it is not able to "separate us from the love of Christ." Never allow tribulations or the "cares of this world" to separate you from remembering that God loves you ( Matthew 13:22 ).
"Shall . . . distress . . . ?" Can God’s love continue to hold fast, even when everyone and everything around us seems to be saying that His love is a lie, and that there is no such thing as justice?
"Shall . . . famine . . . ?" Can we not only believe in the love of God but also be "more than conquerors," even while we are being starved?
Either Jesus Christ is a deceiver, having deceived even Paul, or else some extraordinary thing happens to someone who holds on to the love of God when the odds are totally against him. Logic is silenced in the face of each of these things which come against him.
Only one thing can account for it— the love of God in Christ Jesus.

"Out of the wreck I rise" every time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

only have eyes for you...

we all got in the fun with the glasses mac got from the dentist.
enjoy...we sure did!

RIP Tooth

poor mac. he spent the weekend in pain. he had a tooth infection. ahhhh!!!
he went to the dentist today & had his tooth pulled. thankfully it was a baby tooth.
in the car after the "pulling." he got the silly glasses from the prize box.
he was not willing to smile, understandabley!

the tooth. root & all.

they put the tooth in this little box. mac said it will REST IN PEACE in its little coffin.

handsome smile, even missing some teeth.

cheerleader duo

beau always has the most beautiful, happiest cheerleaders at his games.
maggie & libby claire
go beau!

i think libby claire just loves the dirt at the field

maggie is to much

the sun shines on wade & maggie all the time

dirt covered smiles after the game

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