Sunday, April 19, 2009

"knight" time fun

mac & ryan went to the knights game. rich snapped this picture but i am wondering...does the sign behind the boys say, "no photographs prior to game here!" thanks rich & ryan for taking mac!

there are so many words behind this picture. matt & i prayed from mid summer to january that God would put our lifegroup together. man, he did! we are family, in every way. we love everyone so much. the best part is we not only have 1 small group but 2. the adults enjoy all "spokes of the wheel." fellowship, prayer, communion (we eat...alot), & the Word & our children have their own little small group. wild & awesome, just as it should be. thank you to our lifegroup family. i am fed in so many ways from our group...not planning on being hungry anytime soon. i love you all!

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