Saturday, April 11, 2009

hippity, hoppity!

easter made its way to river hills! all the kiddos had a great time on the egg hunt & at each craft table. well, all but our oldest. mac wanted out of the easter kiddy celebration. he is getting to big, to fast. libby claire had her first rice crispy treat & loved it. i could not get her away from the treat table. she posed for some pictures. which totally amazed me because she never slows down. mac & beau are at the creek catching snakes & bugs. to much clean fun for them for one day, off to the dirt!

this made me laugh so hard. pips was trying to get beau to look in her basket. he was so busy checking his loot.

off again!

precious girl!

we are going to need a wide angle lens soon

sweetest baby girl

rice crispy table...yummy!

chocolate brown bunny eyes

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