Friday, March 27, 2009


longboat key & missing daddy!

little lady

beau & maggie have become two peas in a pod lately

beau has a goodwill bike here at mima & papas but it is a little girly & so he decided it needed a paint job. they are painting it coral red with flames. he named it turbo fire! so beau!!!

before picture, we will post the after picture soon.

it is art day. mima is having them decoupage a bunch of stuff.

the rental car. yeah...always wanted a HEMI under the hood! ha!

pips in the bike. she loves having the wind in her hair.

the gate kept libby claire busy for an hour before bed.

the kids have fed the peacocks dog food. they will even eat it out of your hands. they are amazing birds. pictures don't do the vivid colors justice.

the only view of mac we get...under water!

our little fishie!

rose colored goggles

painted like a mermaid den...a maggie mermaid den.

ode to daddy face!

ready for some baseball

here they come

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