Saturday, March 28, 2009

fishers of men

as the boys fished today i was reminded of the time jesus walked by the sea of galilee & called out to simon peter & andrew to "follow me." the brothers left their nets at once & went. i pray that over our children that they will abandon the world & follow Him.
we had a exciting time at mr. david & mrs. pams house today. (mima & papas best friends)
the kids fished & nothing would get on the line. suddenly a fish jumped out of the water & mr. david caught his hands.

a minute later mac reached down & grabbed a fish from the rocks. crazy! well, there was no FISH ON but we did catch with our bare hands.

mrs. pam was an expert fisher

the kids loved the golf cart

the peacocks flocked when mac got out the dog food!

there is even an albino peacock

papa will not be thrilled that i posted these pictures but hey...
mac was giving papa a haircut & went on to manscape him. uh-oh! hairless! what are grandfathers for???

the painting of the bike went a little far.
to the outside shower boys!

the girly bike is now TURBO FIRE! watch out beau, someone might call the fire department!

baby we will be on this boat someday!

a look see through papa sun glasses...nice view!

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