Sunday, January 25, 2009

happy beau day!

our beau is turning 7!
where does time go? it feels like yesterday that beau made his surprise entrance into this world. he has been full of surprises in his seven years. there truly is never a dull moment when it comes to beau. but, i also have never met a more loving, "snuggleier", compassionate, thoughtful child. beau has a tough exterior and is ALL boy but inside is so the opposite.
happy 7th birthday beau!

beau wanted to skip out on the birthday party this year & take 2 of his buddies to play laser tag on saturday.
libby claire wanted to ride in this little merry-go-round thing but was not so sure about the speed & the fact that it....
jerked her backwards....

tears after the ride!!!!

buddy seth

buddy jackson

team blue- laser tag
that is a game face!

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