Saturday, January 31, 2009


lake junaluska youth retreat

this is luke played all weekend...awesome!


annie & sydney

the guys

our box lunches to take to the slopes. (ps- no slope pics. to much fun & to busy to snap away)

jerad & melanie, the lunch lady

everyone was CRAZY about meeting the band this is luke.

our group was so large we couldn't squeeze into 1 photo

bonclarken re-run picture

poor kyle, our 1 injury, broken wrist in 2 places

everydoor had a door plate

stephie, shelby, maddie, caroline

alex, killian, ryan, austin
nicole, kara, ansleigh, alex
logan, will, cj, bryan, brame
annie, jessica
marian, amiel, christa
meghan, sydney, victoria, tori patrick, chris, colton

kyle, jacob, aaron
holland, abbey, sara b, sara l, theresa

ali, anna, taylor, makayla

colton grace

matt, elizabeth, jerad
our brave parent chaperones
marie, melanie, elizabeth h & mark

almost, in an early grave after looking after this bunch

theresa had to have the american classic, a KK doughnut! she will take her memory with her to germany. but, the best was she probably thought you had to wear the stupid hats to eat the doughnuts b/c all 50 of us were sporting them.

we are in the middle of an awesome youth ski retreat! hear you call, change your world!

THAW 4 is under way!
we made it through the ski day with 1 broken wrist, a pair of stolen skis & a novice skier who has a thing for black diamonds, but we didn't leave or loose any of the 50 kids. so, we did alright. did i mention we adults are working on 2 hours of sleep.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

georgia & maggie

nothing is better than a girlfriend you have known since the day you were born. maggie & georgia are 6 months apart & are totally nutty in love with each other. they enjoyed a day together while we took the boys to laser tag. the great news is that they just moved to belmont & so we plan on seeing georgia a lot more!
those girls...

happy beau day!

our beau is turning 7!
where does time go? it feels like yesterday that beau made his surprise entrance into this world. he has been full of surprises in his seven years. there truly is never a dull moment when it comes to beau. but, i also have never met a more loving, "snuggleier", compassionate, thoughtful child. beau has a tough exterior and is ALL boy but inside is so the opposite.
happy 7th birthday beau!

beau wanted to skip out on the birthday party this year & take 2 of his buddies to play laser tag on saturday.
libby claire wanted to ride in this little merry-go-round thing but was not so sure about the speed & the fact that it....
jerked her backwards....

tears after the ride!!!!

buddy seth

buddy jackson

team blue- laser tag
that is a game face!

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