Thursday, December 4, 2008

o christmas tree, o christmas tree

if you ever want to loose total control of 4 kids take them to a christmas tree lot in the freezing cold! mac, beau & maggie played hide n' seek, chase, & let's hide from mama & daddy. not to our amusement! something i learned this year...
matt went in search for a 9 foot tree, i wanted a 7 foot tree. when we were in the midst of hundreds of trees a 10 foot tall tree looks like a 7 footer! we got it home & were shocked at how big it was! well, thankfully libby claire is here b/c our ornaments start half way up the tree. i can't believe it is christmas time already!

3 out of 4 smiling, not to bad. maggie was not in the picture taking mood. everyone else sure was.

the 2008 mcgarity family tree

mac & beau picked this one out for their room. wade our christmas tree farm friend suprised us when he delivered our tree he also delivered the "mac & beau" tree. thank you wade! you have made the boys christmas brighter.

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