Tuesday, September 23, 2008

goodbye manse

we are moving from the clover presbyterian church manse on friday. we are so excited to be back in lake wylie and in our own home but will miss so much about this house. fall is our favorite time in clover so it especially hard to leave now. we have made wonderful memories here and will carry them with us all. baby libby claire came home from the hospital here. our kiddos never expected to have the church grounds as their yard,the playground was always in the back yard, and there was endless curiosity with all the weddings and funerals going on. it makes me sad to think of this big empty house. it sure was busting at the seams with all of our activity. we are so grateful to the church for letting us live here. this home will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

friday night lights

clover high school homecoming gamemac, brit & beau
chs fans!
joy, zach, matt & beau

click on the website above to view our little CHS fan!

Friday, September 19, 2008

busted in the basket

ok- i can't help but post this picture. this morning i brought the dirty clothes basket downstairs and left it in the playroom. libby claire was playing and when i turned around she was gone. little stinker had climbed in the basket and was hiding. she truly is into everything!

1 week away from home

we did our "punch list" walk thru this morning. we will be closing next friday! the rockin' rocking chair front porch.
they moved our blue box to the next homesite! not sad to see it go.
libby claire got to spend the morning with miss latrell. when we pulled up to her house she and libby were waving out the window.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

home update

the landscapers come in the morning!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

toilet paper bandit

the toilet paper bandit came to our house.
i heard some giggles in the boys bathroom & caught libby in the act!

boy scouts

our 1st night of scouts. mac & beau are so excited to be a part of the boy scouts. thanks to meme & pops for mac's uniform. and thanks to mima & papa for beau's uniform. we could not have been a part of scouts without your help. uncle dave, mac & beau are planning a boy scout trip to meet you in alaska. thanks for the check-in updates.
our bear & little tiger
off to scouts

Saturday, September 6, 2008

a few photos i snapped of our little angel.

WCCS football

uncle ben & grant on the field
libby claire climbed up on the bag to get a better look at cousin gracie
sweet girl on the sidelines.

rookery drive update

9 boys to celebrate 9!

mac had a bunch of boys over for his birthday. they ate pizza, played football, and ended the night watching movies. blessing the pizza

zach was the football star at the party.

time to be nine

mac turned 9 on spetember 4th.the special carrot cake that mima made. mac got to decorate it with candle galore!
mac was thrilled to get his own digital camera & his scout uniform. thanks meme & pops!
uncle wes got to see our big 9 year old!
pie face!

Monday, September 1, 2008

labor day 2008

the mcgarity cousins.
laney, grant,mac, meredith, beau, maggie, paxson, gracie, & libby claire!
uncle ben & beau the ninjas!
s.s. minnow getting a tune-up

rookery drive

stone going up
floors going in
matt & the kids playing with the central vac. matt had more fun than they did!

north point community church

we stopped at the giant peach in gaffney!

some of the halls in upstreet. disney artists came and helped the design team.

we laughed so hard about this sticker. apparently, when the diaper is changed the baby gets "stickered" to funny...libby claire was changed in wamba land!

we are home from our trip to atlanta. we were blown away by the amazing kids programs north point has to offer. we heard andy stanley and had a delicious lunch at sweet tomatos! now they need one of those in charlotte. thanks to the ellis family for hosting us at their lake escape in lake hartwell.

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