Wednesday, December 31, 2008

under construction

we are under construction again. we are building 5 more new homes, gingerbread homes!
the grondins, our new across the street neighbors had us over for some fun. sandra made all the kids a gingerbread house & we brought all the candies. we are so glad to have our neighbors & look forward to many years of friendship & great cul-de-sac cook-outs & our new annual gingerbread house decorating party.

mac & his masterpiece

beau had great landscaping

maggie put the american flag on her roof

lucas could not wait to take a bite

killian was a pro at home building

Monday, December 29, 2008


libby claire wore the dress my mom made me for my 2nd christmas. mom & dad said they both could remember me wearing the same dress & how special it was to see libs in it. maggie also wore that dress for her 2nd christmas. very special.
reading the christmas story in luke. this was the first year that beau got to read a part.

even hannah montana made it to christmas

libby claire would not get out of her wagon. she loves it. thank you papa & mima!

christmas morning...the loot!

pops & the boys

meredith & maggie

pops & meme made the girls beds for their american girls. they are beautiful.

libby claire climbed right into the cradle pops & meme made for her bitty baby.

meet bitty baby
maggie slowed down long enough to give uncle bill a huggin'

the duo

paxson & the b's

uncle wes

nothing says christmas like shooting some guns!

libby claire loves her wagon from mima & papa! she could not wait to get it out of the box.

happy birthday Jesus!

our church had the christmas pagent on christmas eve. it was a wonderful service. what a great way to remember the birth of our Christ. thank you God for giving us your son, the ultimate Christmas gift. His name is Jesus.

mac was joseph

maggie was an angel, naturally!

beau had a small case of stage fright & never made it up there but he was going to be the cow by the manger.

sailboats & sprinkles

climb aboard- the presslys
papa & mima
a little libby claire squeeze

eat your heart out sara lee!
mac, beau, john lowry, maggie, carolyn, boyce, & libby claire made cookies.

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